Welcome to Sue Cullen Personal Training Studio

My approach to wellness is fitness, nutrition and energy based to create harmony in your body and in your life. I began my career in the wellness industry over 20 years ago as a rock climbing instructor and a group fitness trainer. I enjoy serving people who have chronic degenerative disease, sedentary lifestyle, weight issues, those that are new or have not exercised in some time. I have a compassionate approach and meet my clients were they are at. It is a gift for me to be a part of your wellness journey.

SCPTS offers small group sessions of 4 or more and I do not cancel if I have less than 4. There are times my small group session clients have enjoy a bonus one to one session!

Personal Training and Wellness Coaching is my specialty. We start your session with a clear vision of what your goals are. You will learn various fitness methods while practicing and become skilled in movement. It is fun to teach and watch my clients grow strong as we change your variables to keep you from plateauing and motivated. My coaching style creates life long healthy habits.

Pricing for Personal Training sessions is priced at $50 for those who commit to 12 or more sessions. Connect with me for additional information. 978-478-8241.

Small group sessions have 4 to 8 people attending and the drop in price is $25.

Monthly unlimited price for small group is $125.

  • Please give 24 hours advance notice when you will not be able to make it to your scheduled session.

SCPTS Complete Wellness Package includes unlimited group monthly price with auto order of the highest quality supplements is $50. Auto order is an easy way to stay on track with your cellular health. I have seen significant positive changes after my clients begin supplementing with my product partner USANA Health Sciences. Improved overall wellness, less or no colds. Better sleep, more daytime energy, improved skin, less or no body aches, improved joint and range of motion, increased muscle mass, improved cardio-respiratory, improved digestion, weight loss and weight management.

Suggestions for your monthly supplements.

  • Healthpak
  • My healthpak
  • SCPTS super energy, recovery and snack pack, Essentials, Proflavanol, Choco chip protein snack and Procosa.
  • Essentials (your core supplements) Proflavanol 100. Procosa for joint support.

Enjoy a free wellness consult with me. Schedule your time at Sue@SueCullenptstudio.com
Take your online wellness assessment at http://bit.ly/SCPTSWellnessAssessment

  • I have added energy work to my daily wellness and offer this to you as well. I offer one complimentary Energy session to my Clients that take advantage of my Complete Wellness Package.

USANA Health Sciences is my product partner because of higher pharmaceutical grade standards. USANA guarantees quality, potency and purity that food grade supplements do not follow. They are the only supplement company with an athlete guarantee. Currently over 700 elite and Olympian athletes trust their body and career to USANA. My values align with Dr. Wentz’s vision. ” I dream of a world free of pain and suffering, a world free of disease…” My personal wellness improvements are many. I have experienced pain. At the age of 26 as I sat in my doctors office with limited movement and intense pain in my back, down my legs and my arms my doctor told me I may be paralyzed. How could this be? I had 3 bulging disks and I ignored the pain, I took high dosages of Motrin and I kept working, caring for my family until my body gave out. I had many health issues that I would mask for a short time. It took years for me to step up and take control of what I was doing to myself. I started to practice daily healthy lifestyle habits that profoundly change my life and taking my USANA supplements was a significant turning point. I am active, happy and in wellness. I enjoy helping others find their best self with positive guidance. I have added energy work to my daily wellness and offer this to you as well. How would you like to be living in wellness now?

The only supplement in the PDR. http://bit.ly/USANAphysiciansdeskref
In happiness and health,
Sue Cullen,
Personal Trainer
Wellpro Wellness Coach & USANA Director